Network Solutions

TruWerks can develop a customized network solutions that make sense for your business.


All SD-WAN providers offer similar services, but they are not all the same. Some are built for network resiliency and reliability, some focus on business applications, while others focus on cloud connectivity and security.

We will help you identify the SD-WAN providers that can meet your unique business requirements.

Decrease Cost

Move from expensive dedicated MPLS circuits to diverse lower cost Direct Internet Access connectivity.

Improve Performance

Automation with application awareness using multiple network paths improve network performance.

Simplify Management

Simplify day to day management, make deployments more nimble and free up resources to focus on the business.

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Network Connectivity

You have more Internet choices than you realize.

Our Network Experts are standing by to help.

When you use TruWerks to source your network connectivity, you get value added services like free circuit monitoring, competitor price benchmarking and provisioning support.

Internet Access

Also known as Direct Internet Access (DIA) includes dedicated Ethernet, Fiber & Copper, Small Business Solutions like Cable & DSL.


Private Network Connectivity when it matters. Private Line, Layer 2 & Layer 3 solutions. Domestic and International.

Mobile Internet

We have an amazing fixed mobile data solution utilizing 4G & 5G at an incredible price point.

Our Network Philosophy

Our Philosophy on Networks was developed over years of running, designing & managing large global networks.

We believe network solutions should be:


The network should provide the right service at the right price


The network should be easy to modify while supporting growth and changing business requirements without taking time away from other priorities


The network should reliably deliver application traffic and provide reasonable response times to/from any point in or outside the corporate network


The network should protect transmitted data while preventing unauthorized access

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