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We specialize in overcoming budget constraints and staffing limitations to implement next generation voice and network solutions for the SMB market.

We work with a broad portfolio of VOIP providers. Our experience in managing multi-million dollar telecom infrastructures and large scale voice rollouts makes us well suited to help you find and implement the right VOIP solution.

Headset headphones and telephone in call center

At TruWerks Communication Services we provide a wide range of voice services to business customers. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has revolutionized the telephony industry. Our VoIP solutions include every feature common with POTS and a PBX Switch, but also provide

Incredibly, despite all this added functionality, the typical organization can save 50-70% on their phone service over POTS. So, wait–much more functionality, much less cost, and no expensive IT hardware? It’s for real.


If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your business’s VoIP Solutions needs, please contact us. We have helped several companies just like yours and we’d love to help yours too. (TOO PASSIVE)


GoToConnect powered by Jive

An award winning VOIP solution with a Net Promoter Score of 68, GoToConnect understands VOIP solutions should not be complicated.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Native Voice vs Direct Routing, Which should you choose? We can help you decide.

Zoom Phone

Not your traditional VOIP solution, but if you are heavily invested in Zoom for conferencing, then Zoom phone might be a good fit.

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We want to understand your business needs, build a relationship and earn an opportunity to be your voice and network trusted advisors.

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